Friday, 2 March 2012

sgaLeNye yg TeraKhir.. T___T


ok...stu hri 2 kli update... hehe
ni je mse yg ade
nnti bz final plak

nothing to say..
juz nak tmbah kesyahduan sye pde hari ni..

juz...take a look

the Last bbq wif E8

our beloved mentor!

laSt cHem Lab!

pshyco DR!

Last phy LectUre!

sir Megat cumell kan??

last Bio LectuRe

mne Madam Ainul nyee??aish
""raYer" brsame!

sgalenyee disini
terime kasih kalian!
sayang korang!

our beloved UiTM P.Alam

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