Friday, 2 March 2012

the '5' of us!!


Hari ni... hmm.. sgt cdeyh... last lcture Phy tadi..
seme bgamba... xsgke dah tmat as a asasian's student... tp x official lg
blom ape2 lgi i trueelllly miss them! a lot!!

Mama Nieda., Aina, Farra, Bella...

hard time don't last forever
but true friendship do
i'll always be there
for anything you need..
even if it' just someone to listen..
i'm glad that i've found u!

sye x kesh korang buat sye nanges skrg ni
sebb korang kawan terbaik penh sye ade!
i swear!
tenks..4 being my frenz..
ukhuwah  fillah abdan abada

the very last moment with all of u

kami memg pinky!

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